Coin Operated Laundry

Convenient and Comfortable

We have 22 washers and 15 dryers. All available in air-conditioned comfort.

We offer gas dryers. Gas dryers are better than electric dryers. Electric dryers have to heat up and cool down, where gas dryers turn on and stay on, saving you time and money.

For more than 30 years, Soap Opera Laundry has been providing the best in laundry technology and support services. As a locally owned and operated business, we take pride in the special brand of customer service and support we provide. We’ve assembled a team of dedicated individuals who share our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We have a large high-speed, energy efficient selection of washers and dryers. Our high capacity washing machines vary in size from 20 lbs to 40 lbs. Our dryers range from 30 lbs to 75 lbs. Our High Capacity Machines can handle your comforters and quilts. We sell detergents, bleach, fabric softeners and other laundry items.

Our Equipment Options Include:


  • 20 lbs Top Loader
    20 to 40 lbs Front Loader


  • 15 Single Load Gas Dryers (30 lbs - 75 lbs)


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